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Rainbow Sorbet | Whipped Scrub

Rainbow Sorbet | Whipped Scrub

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The OG! The incredibly popular, and what we are known for.. Whipped Scrub!


The most moisturising foamy sugar exfoliator (that washes you at the same time) that you need in your life


♡ Paraben free

♡ Silicone and SLS free
♡ MPG free
♡ Cruelty free
♡ Vegan
♡ Safe for all skin types including the most sensitive
♡ Full of vitamins great for the skin

♡ Helps reduce darkening of the skin leaving the skin looking brighter
♡ Handmade in Guernsey

♡ Extremely moisturising

♡ PH balance friendly
♡ Includes Kaolin Clay which is a fine powder full of skin loving properties!


Best used within 12 months from first opening. 


A unique scent you probably wern't expecting.  the softest most delicate scent, but not weak in anyway! Notes of Vanilla Bean, Warm Cashmere and Amber. 

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