Juicy, Fruity + Drinks

Apple - A fresh green fruity fragrance with notes of juicy apple supported by notes of pear, peach, green leaf and a suggestion of citrus notes on a soft musky base.

Bahama Mama (Yanky) - A mouthwatering Caribbean cocktail of lime, orange, coconut and a dash of rum, with white floral, soft woody and musk hints.

Berry Charm - A sparkling mixed berries fragrance with top notes of juicy blackcurrant and raspberries with green grape and blackberry undertones.
Bubblegum Soda - A sweet Bubblegum fragrance with hints of juicy orange, ripe raspberry and light floral notes.
Black Cherry - A delightful sweet and juicy black cherry accord with background notes of dates, plum, raspberry and strawberry on a base of vanilla and sugar.

Cherry Slushie - A fruity cherry fragrance enlivened by raspberry and fizzy orange.
Coconut Island - A tropical cocktail, fresh pineapple, juicy orange, creamy coconut, soft almond and peach tones. Indulgent bed of caramel swirled with sweet vanilla.

Coconut Dream - Hibiscus, sugar cane, coconut, fruit punch, frangipani and milk. Tonkin, vanilla and sandalwood.

Cranberry Wreath - Cranberry fruit, black raspberry and lemon rind. Cranberry and huckleberry. Vanilla pods and sugar cane.
Coconut Crazy Cocktail - An intoxicating aroma of white rum, blended with fresh coconut and a hint of tropical fruits.

Gummiberry Juice - A magical concoction of refreshing wild blackberries, sweet woody juniper and powdery violet.
Jamaican Me Crazy - A fruit filled fragrance that opens with citrus notes which are then blended with passion fruit, strawberries and pineapple with lower scents of vanilla and coconut to pack a fruity punch. 
Jamtini - Capture the delicious scent of summer with this berry-infused cocktail of sweet strawberry jam, iced lemonade and a subtle hint of freshly ground mint leaves. 

Lemon - lemon zest, lemon sugar and bergamot. Citron and leafy greens. Lastly, with a delightful trace aftertaste of light musk.

Mai Tai Cocktail - A delightful mix of rum, fresh orange, zesty lime and fresh mint, shaken, poured over ice and garnished with a sprig of mint.

Mango & Papaya - Lemon, white peach and tangerine. Papaya, juicy mango, passion fruit, golden amber and light vanilla
Mango & Passion fruit - A sweet juicy tropical mango fragrance with notes of ripe papaya skin, orange, raspberry and crisp green apple.

Mojito - A vibrant alcoholic citrus accord with top notes of green lemon and lime on a heart of apple, pear, peppermint, spearmint, melon and alcoholic notes on a base of sugar.
Mermaid Cove - A delightful scent of sun ripened raspberries, tropical mimosa, juicy pear and wild mint, with a heart of violet and heliotrope, all resting on floral orris and white musk.

Mulled Wine - Grape seed, plum and white ginger.  Light undertones of clove bud, blackberry and anise. Vanilla bean, musk and dry amber.

Passionfruit Martini - A passionfruit martini fragrance mixing sweet vanilla vodka with fresh passionfruit puree and a sliced passionfruit garnish paired with a shot of fizz.

Pineapple - A sweet and ripe pineapple accord with tropical fruity interludes.

Pink Grapefruit - Our fresh sparkling Pink Grapefruit provides dry notes of pith, aldehydes, lemon and fresh hints of green.
Pink Gin - A heady accord of lemon peel, juniper berries and fantasy spirituous notes with a light fruity floral background.

Pink Jasmine & Orchid - A sensual floral fragrance with bergamot and pomegranate leading to a diffusive heart of peony,

Plum & Mulberry - A marvellous combination of both a fruit and a berry, providing a strong and prominent smell associated with red berries, apple, pear, lychee, plum, mulberry, cassis and peach with a floral background orchid, jasmine, peony, and plum resting on a substantive base of musk, precious woods, amber and dry flowers.
Purple Rain Cocktail - A fresh tropical cocktail with freshly squeezed grapefruits and cranberry juice lavished by crisp vodka on the rocks garnished by a slice of Mexican lime.
Queen Of Hearts - A tea party aroma fit for a Queen of Hearts. Soft, sweet, bright red strawberries and scrumptious, crumbly shortcake, laced with a fine dusting of powdery white sugar.
Rainbow Kiss - A fruity accord with top notes of raspberry, orange and blueberry, leading to a heart of bubblegum and floral nuances on a base of vanilla and candy floss.

Raspberry Granita and Frangipani - A sweet fruity floral composition dominated by juicy raspberries and lush frangipani with supporting notes of soft jasmin, vanilla, precious woods and musk.
Raspberry & Rhubarb - A fresh green tart rhubarb accord supported by peach, apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry and orange.
Raspberry & Vanilla - A delicious raspberry fragrance with notes of ripe raspberry and vanilla pods, smoothed by hints of lush apricots and sparkling nuances of lemon.

Red Berry & Holly - Strong and prominent smell associated with black raspberry and lemon peel. Artemsia and frazier fir. A delightful trace aftertaste of cedarwood, woody musk and balsam.
Ruby Ruby Ruby - A Vibrant fruity mix with notes of Ruby Red Lingonberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & Tart Cassis interwoven with a Citrus blast of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Aldehydic top notes. A creamy base of Vanilla adds a comforting warmth.

Sex On The Beach - A fresh tropical cocktail with freshly squeezed grapefruits and cranberry juice, lavished by crisp vodka on the rocks, garnished by a slice of Mexican lime.
Strawberry & Rhubarb - A fresh summer fruits aroma opening with tart notes of garden rhubarb combined with hints of grapefruit, apple, raspberry and plum combined with strawberry patch notes on a base of soft cedar, musk and vanilla.
Strawberry Daquiri - A bold fragrance of the ever-popular frozen beverage. Fresh red ripe strawberries and quenching orange notes are accompanied with white rum, vanilla and lime.

Strawberry Kisses - Strawberry, melon and kumquat. Huckleberry and sugar cane. A delightful trace aftertaste of vanilla pods and crème.
Strawberry Mango - Juicy, fresh fruity fragrance of ripe strawberries and mango with a back note of sweet vanilla. 
Strawberry Slushie - A sweet fruity strawberry fragrance with raspberries and crisp green apple.
Summer Scoop (Yanky) - A delectably mouth-watering fruity fragrance with crushed strawberries, raspberries and a touch of red cherries, resting upon subtle Jasmin hints and a base of musk and vanilla essence.
Twisted Mermaid - A fruity tropical fragrance with a fresh, cool opening, supported by sweet notes of coconut and pineapple, with floral nuances of lily and Jasmin on a base of soft woods.

Violet Gin – A classic Parma violet fragrance enriched with fragrant liquor, ice, juniper, iris & flowers.

Watermelon - Pink grapefruit, citron, watermelon and lime. Cantaloupe and orange blossom. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a wonderful trace aftertaste of vanilla and fruity musk.
Watermelon Sugar - A fruity accord opening with cool watermelon slices alongside sparkling lemon and sweet orange, summer raspberry, apple and peach followed by nuances of jasmine, lily and violet supported by a base of sandalwood, amber, sugar and musk.

Woo Woo - A sparkling fruit cocktail where ripe red cranberries and sweet raspberries are muddled with zesty lime leaves supported by a peach, Jasmin and rose heart on a base of musk, Tonka, vanilla and caramel.

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Clean + Cosy Home

Angels Wings (Yanky) - Enrich your senses with the heavenly aroma of sheer flower petals, divinely smooth vanilla and a joyful accord of sweetly spun sugar and marshmallows.
Baby Powder - A soft powdery baby accord with caring floral notes of rose, violet and heliotrope supported by a base of smooth woods, vanilla and musk.
Cal-pol - Reminiscent of the classic children's medicine. A sweet fruity accord with notes of raspberry, strawberry and orange followed by floral hints of violet and heliotrope supported by a vanilla base.

Cashmere & Musk - Perfect for a moment of winter indulgence, this comforting accord unfolds with festive spices of cinnamon and clove while the heart comes into full bloom through a winter floral harmony of jasmine, violet and rose. All of this gently descends onto the warmth of saffron, woods, cashmere and a whisper of creamy vanilla.
Citronella Essential Oil - (Great for bug repelling) top notes of Citronella and lemongrass on a base of sweet vanilla. 

Christmas Spice - Bergamot, ginger, orange zest and eucalyptus. Clove bud and cinnamon. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a delightful trace aftertaste of musk, cardamom and vanilla.
Clean Cotton - A powdery musky floral accord with violet and orange blossom along with refreshing green hints, jasmine and lily.
Duvet Day - Enjoy a day of quiet whilst this soothing mixture of frankincense, myrrh, chamomile, lavender, patchouli, geranium, avocado and orange.
Exotic Islands - Imagine being on a tropical island and in pure paradise with this scent of refreshing sweet mango and ripe juicy pineapple, all wrapped up in milky creamy coconut. 
Flozora Linen Fresh - A fresh clean floral fragrance with freesia, lily, jasmine and orchid rounded by regal iris and mimosa. These are all supported by velvet woods, sandalwood and a hint of amber.

Fluffy Towels - A floral accord with fruity & citrus top notes leading to a heart of muguet, rose, Jasmin & lily and a clean base of musk & woods.

Fresh Cut Grass - Prominent smell associated with narcissus and violet. Light undertones of water lily, field grass and osmanthus. Box tree, cypress and peony.
Fresh Rain - A sweet, fresh and powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain. The natural aroma after a summer downpour is one of life's pleasing scents.
Fluffy Bunny (Rainbow Sorbet) - A rich musk fragrance enhanced by notes of vanilla, cashmere, amber and precious woods.
Golden Orchid - A robust Oriental accord opening with soft fruits, coconut and cyclamen leading to a warm heart of clove and rich floral tones of jasmine, heliotrope and rose supported by a sweet base of vanilla, amber, sugar, musk.
Hotel Of Dreams - A floral accord opening with notes of spicy pepper with bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and leafy green notes with a hint of galbanum leading into a fruity floral heart of rose, jasmine, lily and violet with cassis, plum, peach and apple on a base of sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood, amber, musk, moss, tonka and vanilla.
Icy Black Trees - similar in style and identity to the popular black tree shaped hanging car air freshener. This fragrance features top notes of lemon and bergamot, middle notes of lavender and jasmine and base notes of sandalwood musk and oakmoss. These notes combine together to make a mysterious yet fresh scent. 
Island Hibiscus & Rainflower - Say Aloha to our Island Hibiscus & Rainflower. This strong fragrance oil features top notes of delicate white island flowers, middle notes of hibiscus and rich lotus flowers and base notes of luscious tropical fruits.
Lenny Frosted Eucalyptus (Mrs Hinch) - A gorgeous accord of crisp frosted eucalyptus; a multifaceted forest scent with hints of mint, honey, and citrus.
Lenora Blue - A fresh aldehydic floral with a fresh carnation top combining a spiced floral heart of rose, jasmine, lily and marine notes that rest on a musk and sandal base to create a scent reminiscent of freshly washed linen

Lily of the Valley - top floral notes of Lily of the Valley with middle notes of rose, geranium and lilac with a musky base. 
Mermaid Wishes - A fresh and cool marine accord with opening notes of ozone and fresh floral aldehydes. The heart of the fragrance is complex and clean with pink summer rose and fresh cyclamen, while the base is dry and cool with notes of amber, vanilla and sweet musks.
Midnight Jasmine & Liquid Musk - Imagine a serene country getaway, surrounded by a calming palette of chic neutrals as you slip into freshly laundered Egyptian cotton sheets! Blooming jasmine, fresh rose petals, freesia and cherry blossom are enhanced with delicate soft fruits and liquid musk.

My Boyfriends Jumper - This is an incredibly fresh scent that evokes the feeling of a crisp, cool autumn morning.  This oil is a unique, fresh scent that blends crisp juniper berry and sage.  The earthy clean smell will remind you of being outside in the brisk air, surrounded by the beautiful changing leaves during the fall with notes of juniper berries, fresh eucalyptus, and sage and a tiny bit of woods, sweet spearmint and dew mixed in. This oil is a fabulous reminder of those chilly days cuddled up.

Nag Champa - A rich sensual fragrance with powdery top notes of sweet magnolia and rose, supported by a base of soft sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber.

Oriental Bamboo - A mix of lemon, bergamot and white lotus flowers are enhanced with a heady twist of tuberose and cedarwood. On a bed of soft musk this fragrance will enrobe you in luscious flowers all day long.

Perfect Storm - A watery green accord opening with fresh green leaves and flower stems, lime, lemon, citrus peel, galbanum, eucalyptus, pine, apple, pear and pineapple leading into a heart of water lilies, marine notes, jasmin, geranium, gardenia, cinnamon, clove, orchid, orange blossom, cassis, peach and coconut on a cedarwood base.
Pink Vanilla & Coco Blossom - Like a comfy, super-soft robe this fragrance envelops you in pastel pink tones of vanilla, perfectly paired with creamy coconut blossom. Hints of soft fruits and cyclamen are wrapped in a warm heart of clove, rich jasmine, heliotrope and rose. All cushioned by an edible base of vanilla, amber and sugary musk.
Pinky Sands (YankC) - A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves. The base is enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes,

Pixie Sparkle (Fairy Powder) - A rich powdery floral fragrance with fresh green and aldehydic top notes leading to a floral heart of rose, lily, jasmine, violet and muguet with a powdery base of soft woods and sweet musk.

Red Roses - Lemon zest, bergamot, plum and crisp apple. Undertones of rose crystals, marine notes and ylang ylang. Nude musk and white sandalwood.

Rosey Wonderland (Lenora) - similar to the popular fabric conditioner. This fragrance is an uplifting scent with sweet orange, fresh rose, white musk and precious woods. 

Roasted Chestnut - A nutty mouth-watering accord of winter roasted chestnuts with subtle hints of vanilla and dark silky coffee.

Smoke & Mirrors - A warm cloud of cosiness. Tendrils of burning incense with a sweet spicy, resinous undertone created from creamy sandalwood, pink peppercorns and sparkling musks. 

Snowflake - a fresh floral bouquet with herbaceous mint and citrus top notes on a heart of green apple, soft jasmine and rose petal supported by a base of woods and musk.

Snow Flurry - A fresh snowy green floral accord with green stems, violet and icy ozonic notes leading to a heart of lily, peony, rose, mimosa, violet, carnation and Jasmin on a base of musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, cedarwood and moss.

Sparkling Snow (YankC) - Sparkling Snow offers a crisp, fresh fragrance reminiscent of snow covered pines.
Spring Awakening - Fresh fruity green chypre with geranium, pear, ylang, jasmine, neroli, carnation, amber, musk, patchouli and tonka.
Starry Night - Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Cinnamon, Cedar, Amber , Jasmine, Patchouli, Tobacco, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Myrrh, Tonka.

Stargazer - An oriental accord opening with dark, midnight lavender leading to an oriental floral heart of orchids, jasmin and rose on a base of warm amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, tonka, musk and oakmoss.
Sugared Cuddles - Embrace this rich and luxurious fragrance where edible notes of creamy vanilla and indulgent toffee mingle with uplifting tones of orange and coconut. Sweet and honeyed guaiac wood leads to a soothing bed of amber, musk and sandalwood, layered with a sprinkling of sugar
Sukura Blossom & Patchouli Essence - Think just-showered skin as you snuggle into your favourite clean pj’s with this powdery, warm and comforting scent. Topped by notes of cherry blossom, pineapple, coconut, lemon and peach, sweet vanilla notes reach into a full floral heart. Amber and patchouli essence gives depth at the base.

Tiger Lily Rain - Softly kissed by sunlight. Juicy top notes of freshly squeezed oranges, crisp green apples and zesty bergamot. Delicate floral heart notes of pure jasmine and white rose petals with gentle wafts of ginger, leading into a base of white musk and cedarwood.
Themepark Hotel - Fruity and caramel top notes mix into a floral and sweet heart, developing into a woody base.
Tropical Blooms - Step into a tropical bloom paradise of raspberry, mango, berry and papaya, mingled with green leaf, blossom and jasmine, all resting on amber, white musk and vanilla. 
Twilight garden (Flozora) - a cocktail of Jasmine, Ylang, Moon Lily and Musk scents. If you like the smell of the similarly named cleaning scent you will like this Twilight Garden Fragrance oil.

Unicorn Dreams - A rich sumptuous musky floral fragrance with top notes of violet, ylang and pepper, supported by a middle note of rose, mimosa, lily, Jasmin, iris and freesia, resting on a base of powdery musk notes, Tonka, precious woods and orchid.
Unicorn Sparkle - A sweet accord with notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves & raspberry, leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candy floss, liquorice and strawberry, resting on a base of woods, powdery musks, vanilla and caramel.
Vanilla Lace - This romantic and sensual fragrance is rich and creamy and far from overpowering. For subtle tones of vanilla, sweet florals and a slightly musky scent, this fragrance oil is a must when using your oil burner.
Velvet Pomegranate - A rich fragrance which opens with a sumptuous mix of raspberry, plum, pomegranate, black pepper and rose. Middle notes of amber and patchouli build the rich essence within this fragrance before final notes of musk and amber really hit the spot!

Warm Cashmere & Almond Milk - Picture the perfect cosy afternoon by the fire in your dream home. Snuggled in the softest warm cashmere, the fragrance reveals delicate and caring musks, translucent florals and a subtle hint of warming spice all freshened slightly by comforting notes of almond milk.
White Christmas - Relive the magical aura that surrounds the festive season and evokes imagery of dazzling snowflakes caressing the frozen winter grounds. It's a fresh and dynamic aroma that embodies the spirit of Christmas.
Winter in Paris - Discover the spirit of Paris and envision yourself strolling through the most romantic city in the world whilst snow gently caresses the ground coating the city with shimmering snowflakes! This fragrance boasts fresh and floral notes tied in beautifully with a classic vanilla aroma.

Winter Spruce - Fresh invigorating scent of sweet winter pine trees which are enhanced further by sparkling citrus, flowers, woods, vanilla and patchouli.

Winter Pine- Bergamot, lemon, white mint and grapefruit. Light undertones of calone, clove leaf and thyme. a delightful trace aftertaste of subtle woods, pine, cedar, sandalwood and fennel.

Winter Honeysuckle and Elderflower - a luscious, winter floral fragrance gently unfolds with subtle citrus nuances of mandarin and lemon, enhanced by succulent winter berries.

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Sweets + Desserts

Apple Cinnamon - Undertones of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and clove. Vanilla, amber, musk and caramelised sugar.

Banana Pancake Stack - The intoxicating aroma of white rum soaked bananas blended with coconut cream on a float of condensed milk sweetened by crushed vanilla pods and a buttery pancake base, finished with a drizzle of salted caramel and chocolate sauce.
Blueberry Frosting - A super sweet accord with juicy blueberries, sun ripened raspberries and blackcurrants laid on a bed of white sugar. 
Brownie Batter Freakshake - The intoxicating odour of rich dark chocolate sweetened by a hint of brown sugar and a swirl of vanilla ice cream.
Candy Land - Top notes of Pink lemon and citron; middle notes of candied strawberry and lime zest with loads of sugar cane and vanilla extract on the bottom.  
Cherry Kisses & Strawberry Hearts - A sugary sweet fragrance bursting with juicy, ripe strawberries and lush cherries. All of this is wrapped in notes of candy and fresh vanilla.
Chocolate Egg - (Similar In Style and Identity to Mini Eggs) A delightfully mouth-watering edible smelling fragrance, composed of delicious chocolate notes, enlivened by touches of sticky honey and sweet vanilla
Christmas Elf Treats - A mouthwatering rich Belgian chocolate cascade with hot fireside marshmallows and crushed vanilla pods.
Cookie Monster Freakshake - A cookies and cream milkshake fragrance with notes of cookies, coconut, cream, vanilla and milkshake.
Cookies & Cream - A sweet festive accord of white cocoa and warm cookies with notes of nuts, biscuits and rich creamy vanilla.
Cotton Candy Clouds - A sweet candyfloss accord with supporting notes of sugar, lemon, musk and vanilla.
Creamy Coconut - Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful tropical island filled with tall palm trees and let the sun warm your face as you inhale the sweet creamy scent of coconut.
Doughnutty Freakshake - A nutty doughnut milkshake fragrance with notes of nuts, doughnut, smothered in raspberry and strawberry jam notes, with a creamy milkshake feel.
Fizzy Sweets - Sweet candy floss accord with sticky sweet sugar notes and hints of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and sherbet.
French Vanilla – The classic French way of making ice cream using an egg-custard base style. Lemon cream and absolute blossom. Raw vanilla and tonka bean. French vanilla and amber.

Gimme S'more Freakshake - A smores type milkshake with notes of melted marshmallow and chocolate topped with delicious biscuit notes, with a creamy milkshake feel.
Gummi Bear Slushie - Top notes of mango, lime, nectarine, orange and grapefruit. Middle notes of peach, ginger flowers, pink pepper and clove leaves. Bottom notes of musk and hint of vanilla.

Honey - White freesia, bergamot and chamomile. Honeyed amber, almond, tonka bean. Vanilla and creamy sandalwood

Kinder Bueno - A nutty accord blending sweet milk chocolate and warm hazelnuts on a soft base of rich vanilla and shea.
Lemon Marshmallow Buttercream - A sweet lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar and powdery vanilla.
Lemon Sherbet - A sweet confectionary accord of juicy lemon and lime and a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet.
Love Hearts - A sweet, powdery fragrance with fruity notes of raspberry, plum and peach refreshed by orange and lemon on a sweet vanilla base.
Marshmallow & Californian Cherry - A deliciously sweet scent of juicy Californian cherry on a scrumptious fluffy mallow and vanilla base. 
Marshmallow & Lemon Buttercream - A sweet edible lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar, vanilla, and fluffy marshmallow.
Marshmallow & Pink Lychee - A scent that excites your senses! To harmonise with the sweetness of marshmallow, notes of fruity and exotic pink lychee have been introduced for truly refreshing twist. 
Marshmallow & Salted Caramel - A rich smooth accord with burnt sugar sprinkled on the heart of fluffy marshmallow and salted caramel, with a bottom layer of autumn musk. 
Marshmallow & White Peach - A sweet, colourful gourmand of sun ripened raspberry top notes descending to a heart of rose marshmallow accord, peach and hints of apple supported by sweet vanilla fluffy musks and peach.
Nuttyella - A nutty accord blending sweet milk chocolate and warm hazelnuts on a soft base of rich vanilla and shea.

Orange Cinnamon - A festive favourite. Orange top notes atop a warm and spicy base of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.
Rhubarb & Custard - A sweet confectionary accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.
Slam Bar - A rich strawberry and raspberry fragrance with hints of smooth vanilla.
Starburst - A delicious medley of mouth watering fruity notes of strawberry, banana, pineapple, each, apple and rhubarb supported by hints of sweet sugar and creamy vanilla.
Sweet Almond & Macaroon - The delightful and mouth-watering scent of macaroons with notes of sweet almond, creamy coconut and red cherries, all softened with warm cocooning vanilla.
Toasted Coconut Mocha - Fresh roasted coffee with warm frothy milk, dashes of coconut, hints of chocolate and vanilla syrup.

Vanilla Hazelnut - A sweet and creamy accord where warm chestnuts and hazelnuts are blended with soft spicy notes of white ginger, cinnamon, clove and a hint of coffee on a whipped vanilla base.
Vanilla Sugared Pretzel - A rich mouth-watering fragrance smoothed by vanilla pod and hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candy floss.
Violet (Parma) - A powdery floral accord with green violet leaves and violet flower supported by warm rose, parma violets and freesia on a base of iris and powdered violet
Warm Vanilla Fig - A warming mix of creamy vanilla bean and soft, ripe fig with undertones of black forest berry, spicy patchouli, gentle violet leaf, sweet jasmine and earthy cedarwood. 
Warm Vanilla Sugar - An intoxicating vanilla fragrance with notes of white orchid and sparkling sugar warmed by jasmine, vanilla tonka, coconut, vanilla and cocoa bean and creamy sandalwood.

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Perfume + Aftershave

Angels (Mugler) - An ambery Oriental with fruity top notes of bergamot, cassis, strawberry, dewberry and cocoa. The heart is a sweet floral with jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid, rose and honey and the base is floral and woody with notes of vanilla, caramel, tonka, patchouli, sandal, musk and amber.

Aliens (Mugler) - A sophisticated floral Oriental fragrance opening with green fruity top notes of plum, neroli, star anise, cardamom and green accord supported by an Oriental floral mix of jasmine, muguet, rose, orange blossom, cashmeran and ylang leading to powdery amber and musky base notes.

Ari (AriG) - This sweet fruity floral fragrance opens with notes of citrus grapefruit, fruity raspberry and pear followed by a floral heart of lily of the valley, vanilla, orchid and rose all resting on a base of sweet marshmallows, vanilla, woods and musk.
Aventos For Men - An aromatic woody accord opening with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, elemi and pine cone leading to heart notes of jasmine, rock rose and velvet woods resting on a base of amber, musk, moss and patchouli.
Black Opium (YSL) - An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla – for sweetness and sensuality. 
Bon Bon (Vik+R) - Bon Bon is an effervescent creation of mandarin and orange slices, crystallized with caramel and succulent fruit.

Born in Rome (VAL) - This is awarm floral fragrance inspired by Roman street style and edgy haute couture. A trio of jasmine flowers and sparkling blackcurrant fuse with warm vanilla and rich woods to create a scent that captures the essence of modern femininity.
Diamonds (Armarni) - Top notes of soft fruits, bergamot and a hint of juicy green with a heart of soft Orientals, shadings of red berries, notes of jasmine, iris, freesia and rose on a background of vanilla and patchouli with bittersweet ambers, fragrant woods and musk.
FiftyShad3s - Say no more!  This fragrance has a deceptive seductiveness, and leaves many things unsaid!  Lively and exciting citrus notes lead to jasmine, expensive orris root, and rock rose, with erotic musks, hints of vanilla, and delicate woods.
Olympia (PacoRab) - A sensual modern Oriental fragrance opening with sparkling green mandarin, sweet orange, lush pear and aquatic notes leading to a complex heart of water jasmine, mimosa, hot ginger lily and water lily resting on an intense base of salted vanilla, sandalwood, amber, dry fruits and velvet woods.
Good Girl (CarolinaH) - A sumptuous floral Oriental where top notes of rose, peach and apple refreshed by a drop of bergamot rest upon full blooming tuberose, jasmine and magnolia supported by rich woods, elegant ambers, vanilla and velvet musk.

Gucci Flora - A fusion of white gardenia with pear blossom and brown sugar encapsulate lighter notes of frangipani, red berries and mandarin for a truly refreshing floral accord.
La Vie Est Belle (Lancom) - An Oriental fragrance that starts with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and cassis. It is followed by floral notes of orris, jasmine, orange blossom and lily and rests on a background with vanilla, tonka bean, praline, patchouli, cedarwood, musk and ambergris.
Millionaire (PacoRab) - A woody spicy accord opening with grapefruit, blood orange, mandarin, lemon, lime, bergamot and mint combined with spicy nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and clove with green leaf, galbanum, green violet and fruity hints of apple, cassis and plum on a heart of lily, rose, gardenia, freesia, jasmine, violet and orange blossom with base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, tonka, sweet vanilla and musks.
Millionairess (PacoRab) - A multifaceted white floral with top notes of orange, neroli and apple with a floral heart of jasmine, violet and peony supported by a fond of amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.
Missing Cherry (TomF) - A mouth-watering fruity floral accord with opening notes of cherry liqueur and almond with heart notes of black cherry, plum, Turkish, rose, sambac, jasmine and spices on base notes of vanilla, sandal, patchouli, vetiver, tonka and musk.
One Million Lucky (PacoRab) - Announced as a pulsating and captivating scent of woody and gourmand tones. It is described as fresh, vivid and sensual. Hazelnut note enriches the composition of woody elements, with fresh ozone combined with Greengage plum

OUD - Citrus, juniper berries, blackcurrant, plum and cherry with hints of pine leading into a heart of rose, Jasmin and ylang supported by warming spices resting on an intense base of precious wood, Oudh, patchouli, amber and musk.
Proud Candy (Guchi) - An Oriental woody gourmand accord with notes of orris, jasmine and heliotrope with hints of peachy fruit on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, caramel, benzoin, vanilla and musks.
REM (AriG) - Top notes are Zefir, Caramel, Salt, Fig and Quince; middle notes are Lavender and Pear Blossom; base notes are Musk, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood.
Roulette/Baccarat (540) - An intense linear harmony of jasmine and saffron rounded with woody amber and fir balsam.
Sauvage (Di0r) - A cool unflappable fougere where crisp bergamot and mandarin combine with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of precious amber and musks.

Si (Armarni) - top notes of blackcurrant nectar, a heart of freesia and Rose of Mai, with a musky blond wood base. This rose fragrance was created for the modern woman who's strong yet feminine, sophisticated yet charismatic.
Spirit (Ghosts) - A rich sensual floral fragrance with powdery soft top notes of rose otto and warming nuances of sweet magnolia, elements of soft lily and carnation are also supported by a soft base of soft sandalwood, musk, vanilla and amber.
Sweet Like Candies (AriG) - A sweet fruity floral accord opening with bergamot, raspberry and frosted blackberry followed by a heart of cassis, jasmine, frangipani, whipped cream and marshmallows all on a base of vanilla, candy, sugar and precious woods.
Tom Noir (TomF) - A captivating aromatic spicy accord opening with notes of bergamot, verbena, pink pepper and violet leading to a sensual heart of black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, geranium, Bulgarian rose and iris resting on a base of Indonesian patchouli, amber, leather, vetiver, opoponax, vanilla and musk
Touch Of Pink (Lacost) - This scent reveals blood orange, coriander leaf, cardamom and peach, followed by jasmine, unexpected carrot, and spicy coriander note in the heart. The woodsy-musk base is softened with vanilla.
Velvet Fatale (BritS) - Release your inner femme fatale with the seductive fragrance of white jasmine flowers and sultry tuberose, combined with the deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa.

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A Thousand Wishes (B+BW) - This fragrance opens with notes of quince, star fruit and sparkling wine followed by a floral heart of fresh peonies, rose and freesia on a base of sweet sugar, amber, sandalwood and soft musk.
Aloe & Cucumber - This refreshing accord opens with fresh lemon, bergamot, hints of orange and green leaves onto a heart of herbals, spearmint and florals resting on a base of patchouli and musk.
Aloha Kiwi & Passionfruit (B+BW) - Juicy watermelon entwined with guava, peach, mango and pineapple with a light floral background.
Black Pomegranate (JoMalo) - A spicy accord opening with pink pepper, cardamom, armoise, thyme, frankincense, lime and lemon leading into a heart of clove, patchouli and lily with fruity notes of apple, plum and raspberry on a base of amber, tobacco, cedarwood, guaiacwood, cistus and musks.
Pink Chiffon (B+BW) - A fruity floral accord with top notes of wild berries, peach and pear that infuse elegantly with water lily, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. 
Bombshell (VS) - A fresh fruity floral fragrance where notes of red apple, tangerine, strawberry and passionfruit, are refreshed by cool floral aldehydes, leading to a heart of Jasmin, muguet, peony, vanilla, orchid and red berries, all resting on a base of woods and musk.
Butt Lift (Sol BumBum) - A fruity floral accord with top notes of apple, lemon, almond, coconut and peach leading to a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose, lily and orchid on a sweet base of vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, moss, cedar and sandalwood
Sparkling Limoncello (B+BW) - Inspired by Italy's beloved Limoncello drink, a strong sweet and sour mix of lemons, sugar and zest make for a tantalising accord. 

Chamomile - Eucalyptus and sweet freesia. Undertones of chamomile, geranium and lilac. A wonderful trace aftertaste of cedarwood, nude musk and cinnamon leaf.

Cherry Blossom - A graceful fruity floral fragrance where fruity top notes of apple and cherry combine with a heart of jasmine and rose on a base of musks, amber and a hint of vanilla.
Clean Pink (VS) - A fresh citrus floral fragrance opening with green mandarin, enhanced by freesia and apple, supported by a heart of waterlily, rose, Jasmin and clean ozone notes resting on a substantive base of musk and amber.
Coconut Milk - A delightful powdery fragrance where the zest of an orange combined with a whisper of peach rest upon coconut and milk notes rounded by musk and amber.
Daydream (VS Lost In Fantasy) - A vibrant sweet fruity floral fragrance with top notes of peach, plum, raspberry, tangerine and rhubarb, followed by a clean floral heart of rose and violet, on a sweet musky base.
Deluxe (S+Glory Righteous Butter) - An amazing top note of strawberry leaves, green mandarin and a touch
of rhubarb lead you to a fruity floral heart of violet, pink Jasmin and wild strawberry sorbet resting on a sensual base of fresh patchouli, musk and crystal amber.
Dove - Our Dove Fragrance Oil smells just like that well known soap bar. This an uplifting clean scent.
English Pear & Freesia (JoMalo) - A fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear, followed by soft florals of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk.

Eskimo Kisses - A complex and layered mixture where crisp top notes of eucalyptus, mint and fresh orange saunter along ocean breezes into a heart of lily, hyacinth, orchid, rose, earth and sweet fruity raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, cassis, lilacs and aromatic wine. At the base, cedar, amber, musk, burnt sugar and vanilla complete the fragrance profile.
Glow (VS) - A light fruity floral accord with top notes of juicy lemon, sweet orange, mandarin and green cut stems, followed by a heart of fresh peach, green apple, Jasmin, marigold and soft marine notes on a base of amberwood, musk and vanilla.
Heavenly Cedar Salted Lavender – Beautifully opens with an ethereal veil of sea salt, bergamot and pepper before textures of lavender, coconut and eucalyptus form a captivating heart. At the base a mix of ancient cedar, patchouli, glowing amber and musk completes the fragrance.

Hibiscus & Coconut Water - A fruity accord with top notes of ylang, jasmine and sweet orange on a heart of peach, coconut, hibiscus and rose settling to a base of sandalwood, amber, musks and heliotrope.
Honey I Washed (L*sh) - Rich golden honey soothes the mind as earthy rosehip relaxes you, then a mix of exotic flowers add a touch of sweetness while brazilian orange & bergamot brighten. 
Jasmine - Jasmine and orange zest. Bitter orange and Madagascar vanilla. Honey and musk notes.

Lime Basil & Mandarin (JoMalo) - A refreshing citrus fragrance where notes of juicy mandarin, lemon and a nuance of lime are accompanied by uplifting basil and thyme with a hint of lemongrass and spearmint. These all rest on a cool moss base with accents of labdanum and vetivert.
Lotus Blossom & Waterlilly (JoMalo) - A fresh, vibrant lily fragrance with top notes of bergamot, tangerine and dewy green notes,
Majestic Mermaid - A fruity melody of raspberry, orange and pineapple, softened with notes of sweet rose, violet leaf, jasmine and ocean wave, all resting on a musk and sandalwood bed. 
Japanese Cherry Blossom (B+BW)  - An unusual but rich mix of mimosa petals, pear and rich Japanese cherry blossom.

Ocean - Intense marine and ozone notes, with slight floral overtones, lime, sea salt, lemon and sweet melon. undertones of calone, water lily, seaweed and cyclamen. A delightful trace aftertaste of cedar, ozone accord and crystal musk.
Pal Glam Feeling (Parmoliv) - A scent composed from rich bourbon vanilla, luscious dragon fruit and indulgent blackberry with subtle undertones of vanilla, coconut and melon for a truly refreshing fragrance. 
Peach Bellini (B+BW) - A mouth-watering tropical fruit fusion of juicy peach and tropical mango sweetened by hints of sugar, vanilla and dry fruits.
Peony & Blush Suede (JoMalo) - A luxurious fragrance with top notes of juicy red apple and citrus nuances leading to a floral heart of peony blossom, jasmine, rose and gillyflower leading to a base of soft suede, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk.
Peony Petals - Pink sugar, red currant and pomegranate. Peach, peony, ambergris, tonka bean and pink geranium. Vanilla bean, musk and amber.

Precious Angel (VS Dream Angel Divine) - A light delicate top note of freesia, cassis and fresh green stems are supported by a heart of bluebell, primrose, lily, forget me nots and Jasmin, resting on a sensual base of powdery musk, sandalwood, amber and heliotrope.
Prince Charming (L*sh) - A mix of sweet marshmallow and warming vanilla, infused with uplifting grapefruit, soothing geranium, fresh brightening pomegranate and soft creamy sandalwood.
Rhubarb & Rose (JoMalo) - A crisp mouthwatering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by elderflower, tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.
Romance (VS Dream Angels Kiss) - The fragrance opens with top notes of lemon, mandarin, pink pepper, melon, cassis and osmanthus. It is followed by a floral heart with freesia, rose and lily, which rests on a base of musks, amber and cedarwood.
Rose Petal Jam (L*sh) - This elegant rose fragrance opens with notes of sparkling bergamot and mandarin followed by fruity notes of raspberry onto a heart of red rose, delicate jasmine and geranium on a base of soft vanilla, amber, cedar and musk.
Rose Quartz and Copper - Lather up in this luxurious fragrance where metallic top notes drift into the dynamic contrast of green geranium and saffron flower, lifted by sparkling hints of lemon and bergamot. At the heart, the fragrance continues to flourish over the opulent essence of rose quartz and copper, enhanced by floral nuances of damask rose, geranium and jasmine, piqued by hints of clove. On dry down, patchouli, cedarwood and crystallised amber lend a smooth character to the close of the fragrance.

Seaweed and Juniper - fresh invigorating accord opening with refreshing notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin, pear and green tea with a light floral background with amber and soft woods.

Seychelles (WhiteCo) – Similar in style to the popular high street brand. Imagine a warm tropical breeze and experience the soothing Seychelles scent of fresh bergamot, coconut and juicy orange with hints of amber and vanilla. will really remind you of a tropical island. 

Snow Fairies (L*sh) - A vibrant sweet fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss.
Snow Bubbles (Snow Champagne - L*sh) - You can almost smell the bubbles! It is a clean and refreshing sparkling citrus with notes of snow, greenery, and musk. 
Stunning (VS Bombshell) - A fresh fruity floral fragrance where notes of red apple, tangerine, strawberry and passionfruit, are refreshed by cool floral aldehydes, leading to a heart of Jasmin, muguet, peony, vanilla, orchid and red berries, all resting on a base of woods and musk.

Sweet Pea - A fruity floral fragrance opening with notes of melon, apple, green accord and citrus oils supported by a floral mix of muguet, lily, cyclamen and gardenia leading to a musky powdery base.
Teakwood (B+BW) - A woody, aromatic fougere accord which opens with bergamot, lime, mandarin, litsea, green leaf, lavender, cedar leaf, pine, galbanum and apple with fresh marine heart notes embellished by lily, rose, violet leaves, jasmine and gardenia on a woody base featuring sandalwood, cedar wood, vetivert, amber, tonka, musk, moss and sugar.
Tiger Lily Rain - Softly kissed by sunlight. Juicy top notes of freshly squeezed oranges, crisp green apples and zesty bergamot. Delicate floral heart notes of pure jasmine and white rose petals with gentle wafts of ginger, leading into a base of white musk and cedarwood.
Toasted Praline & Pear (B+BW) - A mouth watering edible smelling accord with top notes of juicy pear and green apple on a heart of toasted praline and cocoa powder resting to a base of vanilla milk.
Tropical Rainforest - Close your eyes and step into a tropical rainforest of luscious green scents with the freshness of rain. Notes of pomelo leaf, lime, papaya, hibiscus, palm leaf and sugar. 
Velvet Rose & OUD (JoMalo) - A rich Oriental floral accord with notes of oud, rose, geranium, jasmine, clove and praline resting on a rich velvety base of cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli and a hint of raspberry.
Warming (Comforter - L*sh) - A sweet mouthwatering fruity aroma with cherry supported by notes of raspberry, blackcurrant and watery black grape.

Wild Bluebell - A fresh floral accord opening with notes of crisp green leaves, marine notes, clove bud and translucent melon with a heart of jasmine, freesia, orange blossom, jonquil and milky peach notes on a base of white musk and sensual amber.
Wild Fig & Cassis (JoMalo) - A green herbal accord with notes of fig leaf, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with fig notes blended with a woody base.

Wood Sage and Seasalt (JoMalo) - This marine based scent has hints of citrus, affording an excellent mix of wood, salt, spiciness and sweetness.  

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